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Please read if you plan to download or play soon: 

I have now decided to remove the downloadable demo files and screenshots from the page as they are no longer a very accurate representation of how the final game will look. If you have a copy of the old demo, please understand that it is very outdated and the final release of the game will look much better as all character art, background art, and UI has been updated. The final game will also let you choose Kuro and the protagonist's gender, allowing for GxB, BxG, GxG and BxB gameplay. (The demo only had GxB)

If you want to read a more detailed and better presented version of this description, please head to my page here: https://lemmasoft.renai.us/forums/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=48983

Hey everyone, welcome to my page for my free  visual novel, Solipsism Reigns.

This project was almost abandoned because I just didn't have the time or inspiration to work on it... however, thanks to an appropriately themed Tyranobuilder Jam, the project is alive once again!

In the game you play as the protagonist (who is nameable) and must travel through many different worlds with your yandere spirit companion, Kuro, in order to seek the truth of your situation. Kuro's gender can be chosen by the player, but for the sake of ease I will refer to him as being male for the rest of the description.

Male Kuro is fully voiced in English by Timothy Smith. My aim is to have every character voiced fully in the final release. You can romance Kuro but beware, he has yandere tendencies. He's perfectly capable of being kind and loving, he's protective but also lets you fight your own battles, however, his jealousy can be a serious problem... Once that switch is flipped he becomes murderously possessive.

There are many bad endings, but they don't mean game over, in fact, the more endings you view, the more of the truth you will uncover! While the game is unlikely to contain 18 rated material or overly sexual content, it will include graphic descriptions of violence and some scenes of non-consensual kissing. So please don't play this if that sort of thing upsets you, as the last thing I want to do is hurt anyone. The final version will also include some violent CGs.

There are multiple choices in each of the routes but the game is designed to be fairly easy to play, without the need for a complicated walk through. 

It has been brought to my attention that I didn't really mention much in terms of plot, haha. I can't say too much without spoiling certain things in the game, but I can give a brief description of each of the routes (which are playable in any order you choose) :3

In the Student route, you must navigate the perils of beginning college. In an environment where you hope to make new friends you should tread extra carefully so as not to upset Kuro.

In the Mage route, you are the latest addition to a guild of qualified magic users. Sworn to use your abilities for good you must end up facing a threat that could wipe out all life as you know it.

In the Clan Leader route, you are tasked with navigating various political dilemmas in order to lead your clan to victory and peace.

In the Detective route, a supernatural serial killer from your past returns to walk the land of the living, intent on finishing what he started when you were a child.

In the Gamer route, you will need to decide what is more important between the digital world and the real world as both dimensions begin to merge with one another.

An unlockable Hidden route will become available to play through once certain conditions within the other routes have been met.

The final version is a long way off (I'm aiming for Summer/Autumn 2018) because this is a solo project that I'm working on in my free time (I'm a full time carer.) I am, however, making very good progress. All text is in game and so the story itself is playable from start to finish right now, all background art and BGM is in place as well. I still need to add character art, SFX, video stuff, and the remaining voice lines. After that I will begin testing.

Thank you to all the artists out there who let people like me use their assets for free projects, the  first demo wouldn't have been possible without you all! <3

Install instructions

Easiest way to install would be to unzip with 7Zip once you have downloaded all the parts, as that's what I used to split them.


Solipsism Reigns Male Kuro Voice Demo windows version.rar 63 MB
Solipsism Reigns Male Kuro Voice Demo mac version.rar 67 MB
World of Glass Vocal Demo.wav 17 MB

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You did a good job in the demo. I played it until the end, and I'm hoping for the "complete" version to play/read, but don't feel pressed to work day and night on it even tho I'm doing it. XD

Hehe, thanks for your kind words, they're very much appreciated :3 I'm hoping that the completed version will be much more polished than the old demo :D I've learned a fair bit since then (still have plenty of learning to do though!) I'm glad ya liked it :3

The funny thing is, I would actaully love to work day and night on it if I could xD I remember a time a couple of years ago where I could for  a little while and it was great cos I made so much progress, haha. Nowadays I just spend ages wishes I could work on it but not getting the time T_T Though I'm almost done with the super important life things that I have to put first, so I should be able to finally get some proper serious time to work on VN stuff :D

I used to love reading VNs myself and playing other video games, but now I hardly play anything cos if I play something I feel guilty about it... a little voice in my head says that I could be using the time to work on my VN instead xD

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Well, keep your good work. I wish I could steal some of your motivation so I could use it to write my own novel. I'm also trying to write something, but I give up easily and most of the time is wasted watching anime or reading manga and visual novels.

Your recent VN (Palette - Spectrum of Shadows) at first sight also appears to be good. But that's something I still have to see.

Sorry for my slow reply!

It is super duper hard to motivate yourself to work on stuff like this cos even though it can be fun, a lot of it is pretty tedious so it's kinda difficult to find a balance between working on a project and having fun actually playing games >.<

With me I haven't gone about things in the best way, it'd be ideal to still play stuff and watch anime like you say, but once I got really into my project any time I tried to play a game I wound up just feeling bad that I could be working on my project instead :( So in the end I practically stopped gaming and reading and watching anime altogether! It was good for making project progress but then it feels more like you're just working and not having as much fun anymore xD

I think it's best if you can find a way to divide everything so that you still have the opportunity to make regular progress on a project but still have time set aside to just switch off and relax with other hobbies :3

I think you'll get there in the end, even if it doesn't seem like it at the moment! Sometimes even just doing the tiniest bit of work can give you that spark you need to get fired into action, haha. At the end of the day, stuff like this takes a hell of a lot of time and is a pretty difficult thing to achieve alone. It's doable cos other solo people have managed to release stuff, but when you think about it, most releases come from groups/teams. I hope you do manage to find a way to bring your story to life though :3

I'll be honest, I'm not overly happy with how Palette turned out! Haha. I'm glad I managed to have something finished in time to submit to the jam, but it's not really what I wanted to be, I just didn't have enough time to properly work on it >.<

Hope 2020 is off to a great start for you and good luck with your story!! :3


Sounds and looks very interesting, will be keeping an eye on this project!


I'm glad ya think so! Thanks for the support :3


hey there. I apologize in advance for this might be a stupid question, but I saw the post about looking for a voice actor for protagonist's best friend, but when I went to the page, it said the auditions were over, but nobody seems to have been picked yet. Is it by any chance still ongoing?


No worries, it's not a stupid question at all :3 I completely forgot I posted a link to that audition page, as you say, the auditions did close and not all roles were filled by the end of the time I had them running! That particular page has expired but I am indeed still running auditions for the remaining roles (I also have a couple more minor characters to add at some point too.) 

If you want to check out the current audition page you can find it here:


Thanks for your interest and I hope you have an awesome weekend! :D

Hello! I have a question, where would one find a mac version of this game? I have found a windows version, and I can run that fine with wine, but the quality is worse than a normal mac version would be (Wine tends to run down the quality on games for some reason). If there is no mac version right now of the current release, I will still play the full game when it comes out. Your game looks very good, so I am excited to play it. Thank you for your time! 

Hey hey :3 Thanks for your question!

I did upload a mac version of the male Kuro voice demo alongside the windows demo, but I've been informed that it doesn't work as it should :( 

The big problem is that I don't own a mac myself and I also don't know anyone in person who has one, so I've got zero way of testing anything for mac which sucks >.< Heck, I didn't even know there was a way to run windows stuff on mac! 

There's no proper demo out at the moment anyhow so you're not missing out on anything much :3 The old playable demo containing 2 routes was removed since it uses old art resources that I'm no longer including. The current demo is literally just a reel of voice clips from male Kuro's voice actor. 

I'll definitely be attempting to release the full game on mac when it's ready, but I'm not sure if it will work T_T I followed the software's export instructions for the demo (which are pretty much identical to the export instructions for windows) and yet it apparently didn't work so I'll probably need to find some help as to why exporting the project to mac isn't working correctly. I'll also be trying to release it in app form, but that will take some extra time after the PC release as it requires me to change some of the file formats and stuff.

I'm glad to hear that you're interested in the game though, it means a lot to me! :3 I shall try my best when it's ready for full release to get it working on as many platforms as possible :D

Thanks for the reply! I played through the demo, and although it is quite simplistic, I can see great potential in your project, and with such a passionate creator and a very intriguing idea, I am even more excited than I was before. I found the demo was on a game jam page (dunno if its still supposed to be there), and it worked fine on wine, luckily. I am glad to see that you are active with your community, I think that is very important for a person making a game, and you also haven't abandoned the project, which is a plus. Lots of game developers do that, sadly, and  its always irritating when a cool project gets canceled because, well, it just suddenly stopped getting updates. Hope the game will be out soon, keep up the good work! 

No worries, I'm always happy when people contact me about the project :3

Yeah, that demo is the outdated one that I removed from the main page since it's got loads of old art and other stuff that's no longer in the game now that I've acquired various assets. I figured I shouldn't delete it from the jam page though, because then it would like like I didn't submit anything for the jam, haha. But in that old demo all the character art, background art, and UI is just placeholder stuff that has been changed now, so it will look much better than in that demo once it's finally released in full! :D Comparing that old demo to the way the game is now, there's a huge difference in quality (at least I think so anyway xD) 

I'm really glad that you think it seems worth your time to play through anyway :3 Half the reason I removed that old demo is because it's so crappy looking that I was worried people might think that's what the final release will look like and it'd put them off of playing the finished game xD So I'm relieved to hear that you don't feel that way even after trying it, haha.

I definitely won't be abandoning the project as I too know how much it sucks when that happens with an interesting sounding game :3 Besides, I've put well over 1000 hours into it at this point so if I just quit that would be a lot of wasted time >.< haha. I don't know the actual amount of time as I never bothered to count how long it took me to type up the story in a word document (it took months though), type out scripts, create characters etc. But in terms of putting the game itself together, I'm currently on 963 hours in the builder according to Steam xD

I also think it's important to be active when it comes to interacting with a community and believe me, I'm super grateful for every single person that shows interest in my project <3 I suffer from anxiety and depression, so the project is a big part of what keeps me going and the smallest bit of support means the world to me ^-^

I'm probably going to miss my release target that I set for myself, but unless something goes incredibly wrong it should definitely be out by the end of this year! (I'm still hoping to manage releasing it before winter.)

I can't wait for this game to come out! When it does I will finish the game.....most likely very fast since I really want to play it and I just like visual novels

Aww, that's awesome and I'm glad to hear it! :3 

I'm working like crazy to get it done, haha. Pretty much any spare second that I get in a day goes into working on the project :D I hope when I finally finish it that you'll have fun playing it ^_^

I'm 99.99% sure I will enjoy it

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This game is amazing!! I can't wait for the full release of this.

Well... I have to because it kinda takes forever to make a game. So yeah...

Aww thanks for the kind words :3 I'm glad that there are people out there who enjoy it!

Yeah I'm sorry, I'm veeeeery slow at working on this xD Some weeks I don't get to do a single thing because I'm too busy T_T I'm hoping to have all the writing finished by March 2018 otherwise I will lose Kuro's brilliant voice actor, which would be a real shame! After that I estimate it'll take another few months to put everything in game. The biggest challenge will be finding an artist for character art and CGs >.< With any luck I should get it completely finished sometime before Christmas next year! Haha. August 2018 is my release target, *fingers crossed* I can make it xD

Thanks again! <3

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If you're looking for an artist, I will attach these links https://destiniuchiha.deviantart.com/gallery/  https://www.tumblr.com/blog/destiniuchiha and see if my style of art will assist you. Contact me at sasukegirl782@gmail.com ( it's kinda embarrassing email if you ask me.) You don't have to pay me, I don't mind doing it for free. 

If you already found a another artist, that's fine. 

Keep up with the good work. :D

Where you the one who wrote a story called

"Never Alone Yandere Spirit Guardian x Reader"

On Quotev?

Yep that was me, haha :3

The reason it's not been updated in ages is cos I'm working on this visual novel version instead. I'll eventually put all of the routes on Quotev as well, but up until recently this had priority.... Also, as the choices and points system get more complicated it becomes hard to work out how to do it on Quotev, I think it'll either have to be simplified there, or people will need to have a pen and paper or just take notes on a phone of how many points they've acquired xD

Because of some recent news though I won't be able to update the game in a long time as I need to hurry up and finish every single route's writing first; so I will probably put the new routes up on Quotev before they go into this visual novel version.


Hello! I'm Ninja, and I really like your game, and the VA is on point! When I first saw this game, I was a bit thrown off by the different art styles, but soon fell in love because of the amazingly well done plot and character detail! Each of the two routes in is a spin on worlds, and I can't wait for more of them to come out! 

But yeah, love this so much. I saw on one of your posts though, that you are in need of VA assistance? I do have a working microphone and I can voice any female character if you still need any! Contact me at ninjakat53@gmail.com (The username was from 6th grade and just stuck ;-;) 

Anyway, hope you continue to update and work on this game! :3 I can imagine how difficult it must be to create (basically) the entire game, so I can only give you my encouragement and patience to help you along! 

I still do not believe I have gotten the hidden scene yet though  ;-;

And I must say that I have a lot of predictions about this game, some ranging from the reason why the voice tells you to try again when you get a bad ending, to why she can 'travel' to different dimensions over again. (My theory is that it is just a dream, and she is really in a coma like state in the hospital, since there is so many different dimensions, and the last one is just this '???') So, maybe that is really the truth about her and Kuro. But anyway, do not tell me if I am correct (I'm pretty sure you wouldn't have anyway, but I want to know for myself if I am correct.)

-Sending all of my love <3

Aww thanks so much, your kind words are much appreciated <3 

I'm glad you were able to get some enjoyment from the demo despite me having to rely on using free assets. Unfortunately I have no artistic talent whatsoever so I can't draw a single thing xD I'm thankful for all the creative commons stuff out there for people like me to use; but I wish I had money to pay some artists to make it more original!

I am indeed in need of VA assistance haha, tbh I don't know what's happening with 2 of the male voice actors voicing the male friend of the heroine and the villain... I've not heard from them in ages... Probably abandoned me T_T I have another route ready to be voiced but, there's no point sending out scripts to anyone because the guys playing the male friend and the villain haven't done the first 2 routes yet, and I can't afford to pay Tim who voices Kuro atm because I have practically no money >.< haha. I know for sure I need a different female voice to the people who are already involved because there's a moody fae/spirit character called Miri in the next route that's been written, so yeah if you're interested I can drop you an email when I've managed to put the route into the game and it's ready for voice stuff.

It is definitely hard to find time to work on it atm, I barely even get more than an hour per week anymore haha. It seems like an almost impossible task but I figure if I at least do something, it's gonna get finished eventually! xD Honestly though, just knowing that there are people out there who actually enjoy playing it in some way really helps keep me motivated :D because then I know I'm not just doing it for myself anymore and that other people can have fun too :3 

My biggest fear is not being able to keep Tim around for the completion of the project, because it would suck if Kuro had to become voiceless :(

I wouldn't worry about not getting the hidden scene for now, it's not very good because I ended up rushing it haha, also it's the lowest point required hidden scene, so compared to the later ones it's always gunna be inferior haha.

It's good fun to have predictions and theories :3 as you say, I wouldn't put any spoilers anyhow, but what I can say without ruining anything is that, there are gunna be a lot of endings xD As with most visual novels the "true" ending is going to be the hardest one to get and will involve the player having to do a combo of things to even get it to trigger ^-^ plus once on the true route, there will still be bad endings that you can fall into whilst trying to get the true ending because I like to be evil like that mmmmwwahahahahahahaaaa :P

I really wish I could just will it into being though, it's pretty annoying having everything swimming around in my head and written on notes but then actually making it into a game takes an eternity!! xD

But yeah, thanks again, every kind word is like a little boost of inspiration to keep me working hard and make progress :3 I hope the future routes aren't disappointing haha. 

Have a great weekend! <3

I can't download the game...

Hmm that's weird >.< I just checked the MEGA and Google drive links on my phone after seeing your comment and they work for me, it won't let me check the split direct links though :( 

If you tried every link and it still won't work I can always email you the Google drive link directly or something if you want :3 just drop me an email at kalamitykiss@live.com and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

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Finished playing this demo right now, and I must say it was a big surprise, and a real blast too haha!

So yeah, first things first, I usually really dislike games that don't have custom art (well, at least custom sprites). It bothers me when different styles are used, or when I see the same "characters" in various games. I mean, I understand why would you do that - not everyone can draw and / or commission artists. But while I'm not picky about art quality, using stock sprites is something that I can't get over... Now, as I said, "usually". I mean, it still bothers me here, but normally I wouldn't have even tried this game after seeing that. But it was SO intriguing that it was enough to make me bear with it and play anyway. And man I'm glad I did! Even though I can't wait for the updated art with expressions added for everyone and so on, I still got SO immersed that I almost forgot about the stock sprites! So kudos to that! And I also have to mention I like your music choices, especially for the mage chapter.

Now, back to what actually wanted to say. This game is really unique in so many things. 

First of, I don't believe I've ever seen a game with a concept like this one, with this weird thing about travelling through different worlds and having a different backstory each time - even if it actually is part of a bigger plan, but still. I mean, I've played my fair share of games with travelling between worlds, but not executed that way. It was really refreshing! I really want to know what the hell is happening there!

It's also well... quite amazing that you've managed to make this into some kind of twisted and creepy magical girl!

Now, obviously, I have to mention Kuro. He's so demented oh dear, I can't even believe you put him as the (only!) love interest! Now, don't take me wrong, I wasn't complaining - I think he's awesome! I mean, he's creepy and twisted, but awesome. I like how he's written, and I like the fact he's the polar opposite of what you'd expect from the MC's love interest in that kind of story. Their relationship seem so unhealty and so sincere at the same time - it's really weird.  Now, I'm used to otome games and I like characters like Kuro, so the only bad endings I got were from sheer curiosity (I didn't even try one in the Student chapter) - because of that, I guess I'm missing on lots of hints about the overall plot, but I still got to see that fascinating, sad and horrific thing when you choose to go downstairs (won't spoil the details, you know what I mean haha) . Thanks to this specific bad ending, I'm even more curious about Kuro.

It's also very interesting to see the MC being already in a relationship from the very beginning of a game. I don't believe I've ever seen that done before, unless it's an unsteady relationship where you'll end up deciding if she'll stay with the guy or fall in love with someone else - so it would still be a basically regular otome. I mean, it must exist in at least some game, but not that I know about, and since I've played lots of otome and BL games, I know what I'm talking about haha

Also, did I mention I love Kuro's voice acting? Well, now I did!

So yeah, basically, a very intriguing game that manages to keep me on edge and get me crazy involved.

Can't wait for the next demos and, of course, the full release! Keep up the good work and good luck. And also thank you for making this game!

Thank you so much for the kind words, I'm really glad you enjoyed it so far! :3

Using those sprites bothers me too haha, it's great that stuff like that exists for people like me who can't draw; but at the same time it's frustrating because I know how I want everything to look in my head, but I can't create it T_T 

The sprites with expressions are still creative commons assets but they do look better than the ones without expressions. I actually commissioned someone to create custom art for Kuro, but I've not heard from her in a few weeks so maybe she's too busy to do it now or something. 

As for Kuro, yeah the poor guy is kinda messed up but he really does love the MC bless him and by the time the game's finished it'll be explained how come he's the way he is :3 Going downstairs that you mentioned is probably my favourite scene so far actually!  A lot of the story gets kinda boring for me when I'm reading it over and over again whilst testing stuff; but that scene still gives me chills xD

It's good to know that the game has unique points, because while I've played a lot of otome myself, I probably haven't gotten through as much as other people and I personally got bored of a lot of otome games because the romance was always the same (especially with the mobile app ones!) I prefer the ones where the plot comes first and the romance second. I was kinda worried that maybe people might think that it was wrong to do it that way, or wrong to only have the one romantic interest or something. At the end of the day I just wanted to make it the way I would like to play an otome haha, with lots of bad endings and focus on a yandere guy :3

Tim who voices Kuro does such a great job with the character, I really hope he will be alright to stick with the project because I can't imagine anyone else playing Kuro now!

The demo with all the swapped art is done but I'm still waiting on all the voice acting for those 2 routes to be done before I release it and since most of the voice actors have volunteered, I don't want to rush anyone because that'd be mean, haha. Also the next route (Princess) is just over half written, it's slow going because of how little time I get to work on it, but it's coming along :3

Thanks again for saying so many nice things about the demo, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that and it also gives me more drive to keep making it if other people are enjoying it too, instead of just me! xD

Well, having only one romance may be an issue - honestly, it really depends on how it's done, so yeah... In this case, I really like it!

And yay for bad endings! I'm writing my own game too, even though it'll have all gender romances (choice between a male or a female MC, and all gender options for both), but I'm also putting a lot in the overall plot and bad endiiiings! Bad endings are so fun to write haha

That's cool! I'll definitely play yours then because I'm just a huge sucker for bad endings :P anything tagged with lots of bad endings always goes straight onto my "I need to play this" list, haha.

Mine will eventually have the option to choose whether you play a male or female character and also which gender you want Kuro to be so you can have GxB, BxG, GxG and BxB; but it's probably only ever going to have that one romance in it because it just wouldn't really fit the plot if there were a range of romance options unfortunately. 

I probably should've made the game with gender options from the beginning but I'm an idiot and have ended up going about it in an awkward way xD The plan was to finish the entire game as female heroine x male Kuro before working on the alternative gender options; but maybe that's not fair and I should finish each route for all the gender options before moving onto the next one! It'll end up being very expensive to try and get original art for all the characters though T_T haha.

In one route that's not in the demo yet, there is a different romance option besides Kuro, but it's not a "true" romance option, if that makes any sense! 

Totally agree about bad endings being fun to write... Sometimes I even get fed up writing bits in between bad endings just because I can't wait to do the next bad ending xD 

I think at this point, finishing the game with female MC and male Kuro would be the best - the other options will be more like an extra!

And yeah, from what I've seen of the story so far, it would be weird to put another true romance option, though I get what you mean with the one route with a romance that isn't a true romance. I think it may be interesting for many reasons, for example to see Kuro's reactions. Honestly, I don't think I would like to romance anyone else in this game anyway - at least "seriously". He's a great character and I'm really interested in the romance, so yeah...

And also, thank you for following me! I'm not ready yet to post public things about my game as I have a lot of work to do before, but well, you'll obviously get notified when I'll publish something!

"his jealousy can be a serious problem" Yup, I found out the hard way. Can't even pray to a God xD
I don't think I've gotten all the bad ends or the hidden scene yet, but both good ends have been played and enjoyed

xD haha yeeeeeah, he's kinda crazy that way! It's such a weird thing to be jealous of though, silly Kuro!! He can't help it bless him :3

You're not really missing out on too much if you don't see the hidden scene, it was very rushed because of the time left on the jam, so I'm not really happy with it! T_T I'll just make sure I edit it for the next release; which will be much sooner than planned since I'm changing the art xD but there should be more voice acting in it as well because some of the other cast members are getting closer to finishing scripts now :3 Once that edited version of the demo is out I'll get back to working on the next route!!

Glad you enjoyed it anyhow! <3 And I really appreciate you taking the time to comment, it makes me happy to know that someone other than myself can get something out of this ^-^

Ah okay, I guess I'll just wait with the hidden scene 'till the next release then.

Oh cool, more voice acting! I really liked Kuro's voice acting, it definitely adds to the game. I'm looking forward to the updates ^^ Do you know which route you'll make next?

Yeah you're probably better off waiting, all the art will be different too then haha, but should be more immersive since everyone will have expressions :3

As of last night, all the main characters have now been cast and I'm writing up the last couple of scripts for the existing routes this weekend :D I was starting to think no females would audition, but it's all good now! Yeah Tim does a great job with Kuro, I loved his voice as soon as I heard his audition, I wish I had more money so I could pay him decently because he deserves a lot more than I can afford to give him!

I'm glad you're looking forward to playing more in the future :3 gives me more reason to keep pushing on! I'm actually a little torn on how to update the game... I was going to just keep releasing 1 new route at a time (and I'll try to have them fully voiced before they release, the only reason I released this one only partly voiced was because of the Jam closing date haha.) But then it occurred to me that people can't transfer their save data >.< and the final endings you get are dependant on various factors that would be in save files.... so that means if I release it route by route and people only play the new route in each demo, by the time it gets to the final route, it either won't be unlocked at all or people will only get super bad endings because they have no save data xD So they'd have to play through the entire game again when it's at it's final release, even if they played each route separately in the demos >.<

I'm a noob so I don't know how to deal with that! I guess I could just release a downloadable save file for people or something xD

Anyways, I'm rambling on again, sorry! T_T The next route I'd planned to write up fully is the Princess route, the only reason for that is because it won a poll I did over 6 months ago that only a few people voted on xD but I figured I better stick to it, otherwise there was no point in anyone voting, haha.

I think you may be able to transfer your save data actually. There's a "SAV file" type called "Solipsism_Reigns_tyrano_date" in the game folder, right under the game itself, and it looks like it could be the save files.
I have no idea if you can just drop it into a newer version of the game or how it works, but maybe it's worth testing out? If it works then you got that problem down

If that did work it would be super helpful! Haha, I'll definitely have to test that in future! Cheers for pointing it out :3

Knowing my luck it won't work and will end up crashing the game xD But yeah, it's certainly worth looking into before I upload the next version!