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Hey there! My name's Kari, I'm 24 from the UK and I'm currently working on creating a free Otome game called Solipsism Reigns ^_^

  • The game will eventually be released in two versions, a normal one and an 18+ one.
  • Currently I have a free demo that you can play which contains the entirety of the shortest route! (The whole game will be free to download, I just need a lot of time to make it since I'm working alone haha.)
  • This is an Otome game with choices where YOU are the heroine! Insert whatever name you like and begin your journey.
  • The game will contain many routes in different settings but only one route is the 'true' route, this will only unlock after completely the other routes which so far are:
  • Student, Mage, Princess, Hacker, Detective, Cadet, Idol and the secret 'True' route.
  • Choices are relatively simple so you shouldn't have to use a walkthrough or anything to get the good endings, beware there are plenty of bad ending though!
  • There will eventually be voice acting added, or mini dramas released alongside each route. I did have a VA down for the main romantic interest but he ended up getting a much better paying job so understandably can't do my commission any longer. The hunt for a new VA begins!
  • Your character has a special spirit guardian named Kuro, Kuro is a yandere... so he can be sweet or very VERY sour depending on your choices haha. Some content may be considered too extreme for some people (you know what yandere's are like!) so player discretion is advised. I personally think it's relatively tame though, just watch out for triggers and stuff people!!
  • Both the Heroine and Kuro's appearances change depending on which route you're playing.

I have to say a huge thank you to everyone who makes their work available for free use under creative commons, you are all wonderful people and if I could give you a big hug I would! Without your work this game wouldn't be possible!! You are all of course rightfully credited in the game credits, if I've missed someone then please contact me immediately so I can add them asap.

You can also contact me in the following places:




Or check out the free website I made for the game (you can also download it here from the blog page, first post):


Solipsism Reigns Demo.7z639.3 MB


Solipsism Reigns Demo (Mac).rar328.2 MB


EDIT: None of my Mega or Google Drive links were working (didn't start download) so I've used 7Zip to split the file into 3 parts so that I can directly upload it here. If you download it this way you'll have to rejoin the files using 7Zip. If you don't know how to do this here's a guide (it shows how to split and recombine, I just found it on Google.):


Install instructions

It's zipped with 7Zip so you'll need to use that to open it, I might see if I can do a different version with WinRar or something though.

It's a visual novel so it should run on most computers. For some reason it takes a while to load up after you hit the exe, (or maybe that's just because my laptop is very slow now? Haha.) Just wait and it should start up fine.

My Avast scans it when I first open the game, it seems to take a few seconds and then tells me it's fine (of course it's fine I made it dumb Avast o.O) So yeah you might be ok to go or you might have to let your ani-virus know that it's ok to open.

Have fun! ^_^/


Solipsism Reigns Demo.7z.001 (300 MB)
Solipsism Reigns Demo.7z.002 (300 MB)
Solipsism Reigns Demo.7z.003 (39 MB)
Solipsism Reigns Demo Part1 (Mac).rar.001 (300 MB)
Solipsism Reigns Demo Part 2 (Mac).rar.002 (28 MB)


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