Art replacement done

So yeah, I finished swapping over the art a few days ago, but rather than upload it already I figured I'll wait another week or so to see if anymore of the voice acting is completed... Might as well because then there's actually more to it than just an art changeover haha.

So while I'm waiting I'm just typing up the next route! That's something that takes me awhile because I don't live alone and it's really hard to concentrate on typing with people always trying to talk to me and stuff xD Some days I only get to write a couple of paragraphs and then just sit there in despair as I'm constantly interrupted! (And that's in  the late evening, because in the day time I'm just at my gran's looking after her, sometimes I get to do a bit there when she has a nap and stuff bless her :3)

Aaaaanyway hope anyone who reads this is having a great day! ^-^

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