Some progress!

Ok so I figured I've been working away in the background but haven't posted any sort of info update in awhile! So here it goes :3

- The writing for the Clan Princess route is now finished and Kuro's lines are fully voiced. 

- The writing for the Police route is very close to being completed.

-  New character artwork has been acquired, but it's a matter of using generators and since I don't have time to create the characters in them at the moment, I'm unable to show it for now, as I need to keep focusing on the writing.

So yeah, not very exciting I know! xD But for those of you who are interested, at least you know now that some progress is being made :3

I'm still very busy with caring for my gran and with Christmas coming up, but with any luck I'll manage to finish all the writing before March *fingers crossed*!!

Hope you're well! In case I don't post anything else before Christmas, I hope you have a great time during the holidays and a happy new year! ^_^/

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