More progress :3

Okay soooo, a good amount of progress has been made since the last time I wrote anything here :D

Writing of the story is finished and male Kuro is now 100% voiced for the entire story! On the flip side, a great female voice actress has been cast to play the female version of Kuro.

Overhauling of the character art is almost complete with both male and female versions of Kuro finalised, alongside both male and female versions of the protagonist. I've started working on the friends and villains, but they shouldn't take me anywhere near as long as those I've finished.

The game also has it's own unique opening theme, the instrumental version is complete with the vocal version currently being worked on.

When I get done with making the last of the character art I'll likely start working on actually putting the game together again finally xD

So yeah, things are progressing smoothly! 

To whoever reads this, I hope you've been alright and that 2018 is treating you well so far ^_^/

PS. When I get a chance I'll show some character previews.

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Wow it's so nice to see progress on the game! I can't wait to play the final product!

On a side note, if for some reason you need creature art or CGs, I can contribute. I really like your project and I know finding artists for monsters and animals may be harder to find than human character artists. So yeah, feel free to ask if anything. If you're interested I'll show you examples later

Yeah it's coming along slowly, haha. I'm hoping to start putting the game together again by the end of this week :3

I'm definitely interested in any help I can get, haha. I just feel bad about the fact that I can't pay anyone properly T_T The amount of CGs I'd ideally like to have means I will probably need help from multiple artists. It doesn't matter to me if people's styles are different because I've played a couple of VNs before that used multiple different artists and it was kind of nice to see the variety :D I also know I need one creature for sure and will likely need more, haha.

Don't worry, I realize you can't pay, but that's okay. Honestly, I need my art to be advertized a bit, so working on a game and appearing in the credits would be my payment, if that makes you feel better haha! Do you have an email adress I could use to send you samples?

I would still feel awful, haha, I just can't help it xD I'm compelled to send anyone who helps a little bit of money at least, even if it's just enough to buy a coffee or something... Why can't I win the lottery?!? T_T Hehe.

Sure, feel free to use either:

Either one is fine :3

Thanks! I'll email you tomorrow - it's late where I live and I'm tired!

Okie dokies! Yeah it was super late where I am too, I always seem to end up staying up until 3am T_T haha.

Just dropping you a quick message to say that if you did get round to emailing me, I didn't receive it, haha. I thought I should say something in case you had emailed and wondered why I hadn't replied, cos I wouldn't want you to think I was ignoring you or anything like that :3 If you didn't have time yet then just ignore this and don't worry about it xD

That's awesome. This game is going to be great. 

Question: Would there be CGs in this game?

I'm glad you think so, I really hope it ends up being decent, haha.

There are going to be CGs yeah, but exactly how many I'm not sure just yet. Money is definitely a problem T_T All I know at the moment is that a friend of a friend is going to do what I deem the essential ones for a female protagonist and male Kuro. After that I have more planned, but whether or not I'm able to afford them is another matter entirely. 

For the male protagonist x female Kuro, male protagonist x male Kuro and female protagonist x female Kuro I won't be able to do any at all for the foreseeable future because all my money will have gone on the female protagonist x male Kuro ones >.< 

It's definitely difficult to sort out that's for sure! I know you said in the past that you may be able to help out with art stuff, I feel mean putting work onto people though, haha. Plus anyone involved in the CGs is inevitably going to see spoilers I guess.

I'm rambling now xD But yeah, there will be some CGs for certain anyway :3

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Hello, it me again. I don't mind drawing for people. I just love to people with my art, whether being logos or drawing something for someone. I love to help people. Plus, I have seen spoilers for other games  and it just make me want to play it more. If you are interested, let me know. 

Well at the end of the day if you really don't mind then it'd be awesome :3 But I still feel bad no matter what because I wish I had heaps of money to pay everyone who's helping me out, haha. Are you still using the same email address as the one you mentioned before? If so I'll message you to discuss it further when I get a chance. I should probably head to bed pretty soon but I just wanna post some character art stuff before I go to sleep :D

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Yes, my email is still the same. It's fine, I don't mind doing it for free. Sweet dreams.

P.S. I have another email, its