Female Kuro art post <3

The title pretty much tells you what this is, haha.

The picture boards are a little scruffy because I kinda just chucked them together in a hurry as I'm going to head to bed in a minute xD So just ignore the wonky bits :P In game there will be more expressions, the 4 in the boxes of each one are just examples.

Male versions are before this post :3

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Hello there! Just here to say, I love Solipsism Reigns a lot! I've been tracking it every now and then, but I made this account just to praise you on how well you're doing! 

I really love male yanderes~ They're my fav, but they're often so rare. Anyways, I heard you've been looking for artists, and I'd love to help out if you'd let me! My style is kind of different than what you have here, but I would still help out of course! You probably don't have a ton of money, but that's okay, I'll do it for the promotion~ 

I've actually been wanting to draw fanart for sometime, but I never got around to it;; I'll draw some for you soon though, I promise! 

Hey hey! Well thank you very much for your kind words :3 They're much appreciated! It always makes me super happy to hear from people who are interested in it ^-^

I love male yandere characters too and that's the biggest reason I ended up starting this project because there should just be more of them around! <3 I didn't imagine at the time that making it happen would take up multiple years of my life though xD But yeah, the more male yandere stuff around, the better :3

I'm happy to accept help from anyone :D I mean, since there are going to be 4 different versions of the game now it's even more work, haha. The otome version for GxB is pretty much the only one which is currently spoken for art-wise, whereas the BxG, GxG and BxB versions are just stuck with whatever I can come up with on my own, haha. Even then, if I get any kind of fan art (and with the artists's permission of course) I'd like to include it in all versions of the game as bonus unlockable content, because it means a lot to me that people liked it enough to bother creating something :3 So yeah, I think it should be on show for anyone who plays any version of the game to see!

Oh, and you would be correct that I don't have much money T_T Haha. I get paid less than minimum wage for my job which sucks, but there's not much I can do about it! I do plan to give a little bit to anyone who helps out though, even if it's only enough to buy a coffee, cos I'd feel bad if I sent nothing at all! If I were rich I'd just throw money at everyone xD

I hope you have a great day! :3

No problem, no problem~ I always love following people that can make their own games and stories. 

I totally agree. There are just not enough male yanderes in this world~ The more the better I say. 

I would be totally honored to have my fanart in your game~ I can help anytime starting now, though you'd probably want to see my artstyle first, huh~ I just finished a Kuro Gamer fanart. It's pretty simple, but I hope you like it~ 

Don't feel bad~ It's hard out there making money and stuff, we gotta stick together~