Ups, downs and more progress (plus headaches!)

Sooo the Clan route is now "finished"! More accurately it is in game and functional, haha. It won't truly be finished until I've got the final artwork and everyone's voice lines in there, but it's all good cos I'll just keep hammering away at getting the other routes built and functioning while I wait :3

There was a super helpful update to Tyrano recently which has added a gallery builder and scene reply builder which will hopefully work well and I'm excited to eventually be able to include that stuff. On the downside though, the update kinda messed up my project files!!! T_T I spent over 5 hours using data from my backups amongst other things to try and get everything back in working order. Needless to say, I was highly unimpressed and incredibly grumpy at that point. One of the things it mysteriously did was delete all of my character data O.O

Anyways, it's all okay again now, I just hope it doesn't happen again with any future updates!

The Clan route was pretty relaxing to work on because it's much slower paced and the soundtrack is quite calming :3 Detective route is up next and that's going to be different since it leans more towards the horror side of things, haha. 

I'm debating whether or not to release another demo with just the Student route in (since it's the shortest) once all the new art is in there and it's all voiced. I just don't know if there's really much point because anyone who downloaded it would end up having to play it again in the full version >.<

To anyone who reads this, I hope you had a wonderful Easter and that your week goes well! ^_^/

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