Still alive! xD

So yeah I figured it's been quite awhile since I posted anything about this and I should probably mention that it is still being worked on haha.

Things are moving slower than a snail right now, I've received more lines from voice actors but am still waiting on the last 2. The next route is about three quarters finished and the same for the art replacement. 

Unfortunately the person I had hoped to create original art has abandoned me apparently xD The biggest problem I'm facing at the moment is time... I don't really have any T_T I haven't been able to get a significant amount of anything done because I just don't get the opportunity to sit with my laptop and work on it at the moment. Aside from that I have no money right now to pay voice actors either >.< Real life is super busy, but things are coming along albeit ridiculously slowly haha.

To anyone who's reading this, I hope you're well and that you enjoy the rest of your day :3

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Nice to know you still manage to get things done, even if it's slow! Good luck with the project and the things you have to do IRL. 

I wish I could help you somehow, but I too have so many things on my mind right now...

Thanks :3 and yeah it's painfully slow really!

Aww what's up? Is everything alright? It's not fun having a lot on your mind :(

Yeah, well, lots of issues and work hunting, basically. I can only hope I'll find something fast

Hmm, that's not much fun! :( It's hard being under pressure to find work, with any luck you'll get something soon, I'm sure you will :3 

If you live in the UK I know a few places recruiting atm, but even then they might be too far away >.<

Aw, that's nice of you, thank you! But unfortunately I live in France, so yeah, a biiit too far haha