Changing character art!

Ok so..... me being the indecisive idiot that I am, I've decided I'm going to change all the character art in the demo xD I love the Jewel Saviour character art, but it's really frustrating me not having expressions on the characters. So I've decided I'm going to do a test and replace all the art with a different style. If it works out alright then I'll upload the same demo but with the new character art and if anyone could sorta vote on which style they prefer, that'd be really helpful!

The only opinion I have atm is my brother's, haha and he says he prefers the new style with expressions. It's probably gunna take a day or so to do and I'm pretty annoyed with myself that I didn't try it sooner because I was pretty undecided right at the beginning!! >.< But oh well! I'll just try it and see, I think it'll improve things a lot having expressions on every character.

Another thing is that 2 more voices have been cast! Woohoo \^0^/

Maybe I'll upload screenshots later of just a couple scenes with the changed character art, that way if anyone wants to tell me they hate it, then I can just not bother doing it for the whole game and stuck with it the way it is xD

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This is what I was talking about. If anyone could spare a second to let me know which art style is better, how it is in the current demo, or how it is in these screenshots? It'd be really helpful! :3

Having expressions can add a new layer of detail and realism in a VN, I think it was a good choice to change the art style however I was wonderinf if these are placeholder sprites or if these are what you plan to use in the full game (Whenever that may be released)

Thanks for your reply. I agree, even though it's difficult for me to really form a proper opinion on it now because I've played through it so many bloomin times; the expressions make it a great deal better.

The ones in the screenshots I posted will be what I use for the foreseeable future, they're pretty much all I can use if I want to create expressions for every single character (because I haven't found any other set that contains so many different characters, most free to use character sets I've found only have 3/4 characters in, which is fine, but then I'd need to mix lots of different art styles to get sprites for all the characters.)

The fully completed game should have original character artwork with any luck, but that's going to be entirely down to how much money I can save to pay for it. I know how I want the characters to look, but I just don't have anywhere near enough money to pay an artist to create them. So for now I'll just be using Tokudaya's character set. If you happen to know of a way I can do things differently then it'd be cool to hear it, because at the end of the day, I'm just a noob fumbling my way around this! xD