Change of plans!

Ok so, the way I've been working on this visual novel needs to change after I received some recent news!

So far I've been writing a route, then putting it in game, the writing the next route and adding it in an update and I was going to continue that way... However, that's no longer possible, as Timothy Smith, Kuro's voice actor, has informed me that he can only work with me for a certain amount of time before he'll become unavailable. Therefore I will be focusing purely on writing up the entire story so that I can get scripts to him as soon as possible.

This of course means that I won't be able to update the existing game demo in a long time, sorry about that :( on the other hand it means that when I do eventually update it, it will have every single route in it in just one update. 

Hopefully everything will work out better this way, as it takes me ages to add a route to the game and if I were to carry on the way I have been, then I'll never get the scripts finished in time and I'd lose Tim before finishing.... That would be pretty saddening to have Kuro lose his voice halfway through!

I might add each route to the Quotev version as it's finished, because that won't take much time, but it won't have voice or anything and I probably won't have time to add music to the Quotev version either.

Incase anyone was interested, the clan princess route is done, I'm currently working on the hacker route :3

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